Wedding decorations 4 square moss boxes perfect for decorating a wedding or party. Boxes are 11 12 squared, 1 12 inches high. Mixed moss covers tops.
Rustic shutters perfect for a wedding or party. Painted Antique white and hinged together. 14 total rows of twine for hanging pictures or cards. Fits 42 4x6 pictures. Beautiful touch to any party Shutters are 68 inches tall by apx 40 inches wide.
Large 5 Gallon Glass Jug Vintage. In excellent condition with zero cracks, chips, or imperfections. Use it to collect save change in, convert into a l other DIY projects. Or use it as rustic old fashion dcor display as we did. I used a metal wire stand for display that comes with it as seen in the pics. $20 cash. Its available......Leave a number if serious to buy at the $20 price only.
Wooden plattercake standMoss table runner appx 5 ft x 2ftMonth Monsters 1-12 appx 11in x 4 in each WILD ONE bannerLet The Wild Rumpus Start leavesFramed pages from the book 5 2 monsterbanners appx 5ft in length